Trạm làm sạch robot hàn BRS
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 07:36:10 PM

ABICOR BINZEL torch cleaning stations – the complete solution for reliable automatic servicing of torch heads. Quick and easy to install, just “Connect & Clean ...”, the compact torch cleaning stations BRS stand for top reliability

Coolant liquids
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 01:15:35 PM

Especially for welding applications developed coolant liquids with very low conductances considerably reduce the electrical corrosion of all metal parts of the cooling system and therefore extend the service life of liquid cooled welding and cutting systems.

Anti-spatter liquids
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 01:13:49 PM

Anti-spatter liquids professionally prevent weld spatter build-up during welding operations. This reduces repair costs and saves valuable maintenance time. Active protection for material and equipment!

Anti-spatter pastes
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 01:11:44 PM

When using anti-spatter pastes the spatter sticking to and clogging up arc and gas welding nozzles will be prevented, because dipping the hot nozzle in the product creates a highly effective protective film.

Anti-spatter sprays
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 01:08:35 PM

Anti-spatter sprays build a highly effective protection against welding spatter in the gas nozzle area, on the workpiece and the welding fixtures and are easy to handle.

Công cụ & dụng cụ tiện ích
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 01:05:04 PM

For best results in the welding process - last but not least responsible are professional accessories. Ideally matched they form the basis for functional safety and a long service life. Qualitatively high-grade welding accessories increase the performance and reliability of your torch. Don't leave anything to chance in your pursuit of perfection. Rely on original welding accessories from ABICOR BINZEL.

Điện cực than ABIARC
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 12:58:36 PM

TEAM BINZEL® gouging electrodes are made of artificial graphite and have a pure copper coating. The gouging electrodes are available in the variety of shapes and diameters to meet the needs of various applications.

Gouging Torch TEAM BINZEL® G 3000 / G 4000
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 12:55:53 PM

The TEAM BINZEL® gouging torches G 3000 and G 4000 are safe and easy to handle. They are designed to be used for gouging, weld seam preparing, gouging out of blowholes and cracks, chamfering, cutting, surface resurfacing and keyhole cutting for all common materials.

Gouging Torch K10 / K12 / K12 T / K16 / K16 T
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 12:53:05 PM

The original KURT HAUFE gouging torch is used for gouging, joint preparation, removing of pores and cracks, chamfering, cutting, surface treatment and hole piercing at all metals. They stand out due to its reliability and safety.

Electrode holders DE 2200 / 2300 / 2400 / 2500
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 12:50:49 PM

The tough classics …

The electrode holders are used for manual electrode welding. Manual electrode welding is one of the oldest and most miscellaneous arc welding operations that are still applied today. It stands out due to relatively low investment needs as well as its universal application possibilities. KURT HAUFE electrode holders “DE” are millionfold proven for decades and due to its extremely tough construction they are the optimum tool for the “outdoor professional” – amongst others in shipyards, pipeline construction and bridge building.

Kết nối cáp hàn ABIPLUG
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 12:46:37 PM

Plug & Weld! ABIPLUG – the reliable connection.

The new range of ABIPLUG welding cable connectors from ABICOR BINZEL – designed for safe and effective current transfer in arc welding technology – guarantees maximum operating safety for the equipment and the user. Available as either panel socket / cable plug combination or as panel plug / cable socket combination.

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