Mỏ hàn TIG ABITIG® GRIP Little 90 - 260
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 11:21:29 PM

After having been welcomed by TIG welders all over the world for many years, the ABITIG® GRIP Little product range provides perfect access and optimum handling and now has been extended by adding the ABITIG® GRIP Little 90 as well as the ABITIG® GRIP Little 180 W torches.

Mỏ hàn TIG ABITIG® GRIP Little 9 - 24
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 11:20:04 PM

The welding torch line ABITIG® GRIP Little – particularly suited to those everyday, less accessible welding jobs. Maximum flexibility with no compromises.

Mỏ hàn TIG ABITIG® GRIP 150 - 500
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 11:18:38 PM

The ABITIG® GRIP line “ABICOR BINZEL-Style”, air and liquid cooled, offer leading edge performance in a comfortable and light weight package. The cooling system guarantees long service life and enables the use of smaller tungsten electrodes through optimised heat dissipation.

Mỏ hàn ABITIG® GRIP 9 - 26
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 11:17:00 PM

ABITIG® GRIP – the complete solution in the field of TIG welding torches. This range represents a logical development of the ABITIG® torch range, which has distinguished itself by its consistent implementation of modular design and optimum ergonomics.

Mỏ hàn TIG SR
Đăng ngày 28-12-2018 11:15:29 PM

For welding alloyed steels, aluminium, magnesium, copper and their alloys, grey cast iron, bronzes, nickel, silver, titanium, lead and unalloyed steels.

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